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A New Year Means New Watch Trends

It is pretty evident from what we have already seen this year that 2012 will continue some trends and drop others. In this final quarter of 2011 we are still seeing the oversized faces. What we are also starting to see, though, is a shift toward androgyny and modern designs once forgotten along with the 1980s and 1990s. Digital is making a comeback. In the other direction, because there will always be some polarization of watch trends, we are seeing a call to the mechanical, making the inner clockwork visible through the face. It is almost reminiscent of Victorian clockwork, but it is very much a product of the modern age.

While it may not be as prevalent as the chronograph, polyurethane digital watches are being produced again. They are vintage inspired pieces. There are men's Fossil watches following this very design. They mostly have rectangular faces, following suit with the deco designs from the past. They look cool as casual wear while also remaining comfortable for active living.

The ladies Fossil watches, however, are taking on a different style. They're following the small face, bracelet design. These delicate timepieces will also be making a comeback, and act as a necessary rival to the oversized watches as of late. The balance will be struck again. The tiny traditional faces are sleek in silver-tone stainless steel. Bejeweled watches act as a jewelry accessory just as much as they do a watch.

Speaking of stainless steel, who says it cannot be colorful? You can find plenty of Armani watches in two-tone designs. The more basic ones are in silver and black, often with grey and gold tones. Other brands carry brighter color casing, some of which are silicone wrapped for the effect.

New generations are starting to realize that watch designs do not need to be confined by gender stereotypes. One example was the cross-over this past year of women's oversized watch faces. Swatch watches make artist-inspired pieces that are gender-neutral. Contemporary design codes do not often abide by the norms we took for granted. Women's sport timepieces will now feature chronographs. Some leather bracelet watches are available for men. The lines between fashion and feature are blending to create new ideas, and it is probably for the better as it increases the target consumer audiences.

The least anybody could say is that the future of watch-making will be interesting. There are a lot of things to keep an eye on for the upcoming calendar year.