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How to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special This Christmas With Gor

With the new season's designs now well and truly making their presence felt in the stores and Christmas just around the corner, all the big designers are vying desperately to attract the custom of women who are either buying for themselves or searching for the perfect gifts for their female friends and relatives. With many items of designer clothing being out of the financial reach of today's recession-hit customers though, it is the market for women's silk scarves in particular which is seeing some of the hottest competition. Hermes, Burberry, Chanel and a host of others are all putting huge amounts of money into marketing their latest designs, and of course the cost of that marketing is partly why their prices are so high in relation to the quality that they are offering.

When it comes to choosing gifts which really make loved ones feel special though, it has to be said that women's silk scarves are an excellent choice, although not when they are mass-produced as is the case with designer scarves. The repeat patterns which can be seen adorning literally thousands of other necks do nothing more than make your loved one blend in with the crowd, when surely the point is to make her stand out as the special individual she is. In addition, the printed designs that these women's silk scarves carry are far inferior to the stunning hand painted ones which can be bought for around the same price and often less. Not only does the printing process affect the soft texture of the silk, but it also makes the colors far less vibrant.

In just the same way as buying something of luxury and quality makes us feel special about ourselves, selecting an item for a loved one which is totally unique, handmade with loving care and attention to detail and is chosen to suit her particular style, taste and coloring speaks volumes about what we think she is worth. It demonstrates that we see her and treasure her as an individual and that we know she deserves nothing less than the best.

Despite that they sell for prices which are comparable with those of the factory-produced designer scarves, women's silk scarves which are hand painted on to 100% pure silk are infinitely superior in every way. Not only are no two designs alike, but the process used to create these wearable works of art bears nothing in common with that used in wholesale manufacture. When the gloriously vibrant colors are introduced into the fabric, nothing of the luxurious softness is lost so that the silk drapes and hangs in a way which is totally unmistakable.

Often it can feel tempting to think that choosing designer goods demonstrates how special we think our loved ones are, but in truth, much of this thinking is based around the fact that designer labels equal lots of money spent. If you really want to treat your mother, your grandmother, your favorite aunt, sister or best friend to something which truly screams luxury, quality and style though, leave the designer scarves for the rest and choose a gorgeous hand painted silk scarf instead.