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Scope of a Budding Dancer in Kolkata

Kolkata is among those wonder cities that remain festive throughout the year. Something or the other is always on, which calls for unlimited fun and celebration. Be it birthdays, anniversaries and marriages, or the mighty Durga Puja and the host of other pujas that come before and after - almost all occasions and events are marked by glorified colors of undying festivity. When talking about festivity and celebration, it is a must to mention dancing in its many forms. In fact, dancing makes an event more celebrated than it actually may be. In the present times, organizers call upon dancers and dance groups to perform for occasions, no matter how big or small. And, is a fact that locating a good dancer in Kolkata is not difficult at all.

Keeping in mind the demand for various forms of dancing (be it classical or contemporary), dancers always keep themselves prepared for upcoming shows. The are some who take it up professionally while there are others who take up dancing as a side profession or simple interest. Whatever be the approach to dancing, the fact remains that, for all the right reasons, the dance schools in Kolkata always remain full. Children grow up performing soothing dance numbers on Rabindra Sangeet, the teens grow up dancing to the hip hop tunes; and there are those who have a natural inclination towards learning the classical dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi etc.

Creative dancing is a comparatively newer form of dancing that is taking over not only Kolkata, but all the major cities of India and also the world. Dance dramas; have been around since a very long time. These are enactments that depict a story (known or newly created through dance movements and associated songs. Almost all dance groups specify in such forms of creative dancing and the existing dance schools in Kolkata make sure that the upcoming dancers know how to place themselves well in these forms. This is one reason why the dancer in Kolkata are versatile and can cope with the increasing demand of delivering mind blowing performance to all types of audience.

Training goes a long way to set the base of a dancer. For all enthusiasts who wish to make it big in the field of dance and entertainment, it is necessary to take coaching from the right schools and institutions, something that the city of Kolkata houses in plenty. While there are many who think that Kolkata is more traditionally oriented and do not have any schools that specialize in contemporary dancing or, purely western dancing, it should come as information to the same, that there are a large number of dance schools Kolkata that specialize only in western forms of dancing, and these schools have trained many well known dancers that have gone globe trotting with their skills. Kolkata welcomes any potential dancer who has the will and the enthusiasm to go beyond what they otherwise can. The dance schools and institutions are equipped with the best trainers available in the country and those who have the potential to shape the career of future dance gurus.