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Styles of Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a finger band that a woman wears either on her left or right hand as a sign that she is about to be married. Convention has it that an engagement rings is a betrothal gift presented by a man to his future wife while proposing marriage or immediately after the woman has accepted his intention. A man may choose from a variety of styles and designs of engagement rings.

There are four basic styles of engagement rings:

The Classic Solitaire Ring is said to be a enduring choice that is popularly purchased by men for their soon-to-be partner in life due to its simple yet beautiful design.

The Ring with Sidestones has a center diamond whose brilliance is even more enhanced by the additional small stones placed at the sides.

The Three Stone Ring compose of three diamond pieces that commonly draws the attention of anyone who sees it. The larger sized piece of diamond stone is placed at the center of two matching and slightly smaller diamonds. The three diamond pieces is said to represent the past, present and future.

The Ring with matching Band. This style includes a wedding band whose design matches the design of the engagement ring. This style is one that has been becoming increasingly popular.

After the man has finally decided to finally embark on marriage, his next step is to find and purchase the right engagement ring for his partner.

The first step in the series of choosing a ring is determining what the woman likes and prefers. If she has not spoken about it, then her friends or preferably her mother may be asked and consulted about it. It would also be helpful to observe and look at the jewelries he has to identify if she likes yellow or white gold. Next is to choose a jeweler of known quality who will not only help you choose and decide which engagement ring to purchase but will also deliver it on time. It is also quite important to set the budget. Choosing a ring which not only fits the your price range but also it should remain of quality standards.

There are also various diamond cuts that may fit a woman's style and shape of the hand such as:

Round - the traditional shape of diamond

Oval - round and elongated cut that is suitable for small hands and stocky fingers

Marquise - a shape similar to the oval but has sharp pointed ends that are eminent for solitaires.

Pear - is a hybrid cut which is a cross between oval and marquise that resembles a small raindrop.

Princess - square diamond cut that looks fitting on hands with long fingers.

Heart - a cut that universally signifies love. It I difficult to cut this shape so choose a heart shaped diamond that is well-defined.

Emerald - rectangular shape with cut corners that has a broad and flat surface resembling a step.

Finally, in purchasing an engagement ring, carefully decide on the setting or the mounting of the stone on the band.