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Tattoo Designs For The Right Reasons

Tattoo Art

Many people believe that tattoos are a form of art others think that they show their true personality, whether you already have a tattoo, or are just thinking about getting your first, ask yourself this question; why?

... the answer? Well there is no right or wrong answer only a reason that you think warrants permanently ?inking? your skin. It could be to remember a special occasion or even to mark the passing of a loved one, whatever the reason may be it is up to you to decide the outcome. There is one thing I hate more than when people get tattoos and complain afterwards that they wished it were different, it?s when people ask me if I think they should get a tattoo... how the heck should I know?! It?s completely ridiculous to ask somebody else to make the decision for you.

You will be the one who has to live with the tattoo design on your body.

However if you?re already thinking of getting a tattoo then chances are, if your anything like me, that you?ll have already convinced yourself of the reason, next thing to think about is the design.

When choosing your design(s) try to think about the future as much as possible, do you want a scroll with your ex wife/girlfriend/dog etc on the back of your neck?? Just because certain celebrity figures have it done doesn?t mean that it?s necessarily the best design for you. Be a leader not a follower and where possible try to create something unique instead of picking a number off a board like ordering a Chinese take away on a Friday night!

Which in fact leads nicely into my final point about people getting tattoos, never and I mean never get a tattoo when under the influence of alcohol! This is an absolute travesty to the industry and the tattooist trade. Not only is your judgement of what a good design may be severely hampered, you can bet your bottom dollar that the artist that is willing to tattoo you whilst under the influence is an absolute clown who couldn?t spell his own name. Let alone create a masterpiece from the name of the nightclub you just visited!

My final comment is this... take your time, a tattoo design will be with you for life make sure you're going to be happy with it.

Tattoo Art